SaBo-FX - Erotic (Final Countdown 2012 remake)- WebTv

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Song title: Erotic
Alternative title: Final Countdown 2012 remake
Music: SaBo-FX
Video (edit): SaBo-FX
Inspired by: Europe -- Final Countdown (1986)
More info original track:
Models in this video:
[Your sister]
Amanda Corey
Amy Marie
Daniella Mugnolo
Amy Leigh Andrews
Music Background info:
With all the fuzz about this year being the end-of-days, I thought this would be a good opportunity to pull this golden oldie from the shelf. I did a first attempt to include a bit of dubstep-ish bit in the middle of the song. I hope you enjoy it.
Video Background info:
It took a while to find the right footage for this video. I always want the babes in my videos to be jaw dropping stunningly beautiful. And recently Playboy is letting me down a bit. But thanks to a very nice After Effects plugin: